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Classify unstructured data into predefined categories
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Quality Assurance



Whether your language translation needs are large or small,  we are always there to assist you with your document translation requests.

We use only professional human translators for all document translations. All of our translators only translate into their native languages to ensure the highest translation quality possible. 
We are a leading and trusted authority on the linguistic validation of Clinical Outcomes Assessments. Whether intended for a patient (PRO), clinician (ClinRO), or observer (ObsRO), our translations are accurate as well as culturally and conceptually equivalent to the source instrument for use in both paper and electronic format.
Our Knowledge management and information architecture services help organisations make complex information clear and accessible as well as capture and share knowledge and expertise.  
We plan, develop and execute architectures, policies, practices and procedures that meet clients’ information lifecycle needs.
Text Approach can convert any audio or video file you need transcribed.

Text Approach can also subtitle your video scripts and implement time coding, so that every text is reflecting to original audio source. Text Approach can also transcribe your voiced data Phonetically to help you with TTS and voice recognition.



We transcribe audio scripts into text documents. We also trabnscribe files phonetically for Text-to-Speech production. We cover Arabic MSa and dialects, English, Finnish and French. We're happy to work from pre-transcribed audio or to offer the whole transcription and translation service for you. We're ready to handle any file format and subject matter you may have.
At Text Approach we provide professional translation services to our clients. Our professional translators are assigned tasks according to their fields of expertise, matching mother tongue language skills, qualifications as closely as possible to deliver a high quality translated contents.

 Desktop Publishing


Software localisation doesn't just mean the translation of the words on your software applications but the adaption of your software to the cultural and linguistic context of the local market. It ensures your customers feel like your product speaks directly to your clients. Whether you are looking for games, apps localisation or website localisation, our approach allows us to deliver an accurate, speedy and professional service. 
The use of DTP on translated documents is important but not always necessary. If the translated text needs to resemble the original as close as possible, then DTP should be considered. Text Approach uses the latest design software packages such as Photoshop and InDesign and can return any files via our secure FTP.  Our team will work together with you to ensure that your finished product is presented accurately and to the highest standards.
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